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Is it okay to shout about your success?

Here's the thing - no one likes sounding cocky or big headed, but there are some days when all you want to do is scream your successes from the rooftops. Is it okay to shout about your success? Well yes, of course it is - you just need to do it in the right way!

No successful business owner got where they were today without being a little bit pushy and blowing their own trumpet. Most people are very humble and get very embarrassed about sharing what's going well for them. However, I don't have time for people who go on and on about how well they're doing, it's not a brag-athon, in fact boasting about who you've worked with or what you've done is actually quite a put off!

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” ― Sven Goran Eriksson

I find it so hard to talk about some of the exciting things I've done, often that I've had to keep underwrap for months at a time but inside I'm absolutely bursting to share them, but I'm still embarrassed to share them incase it comes across in the wrong way! But being modest is actually quite an attractive thing when it comes to it. But there are many reasons why you shouldn't be afraid to let others know what's going well for you.

Self promotion often comes across as a shameless excuse to boast and many people often avoid talking about themselves. But it's not all bad, honestly!

Why should you share your success?

Be proud of what you've created, the most valuable product you have to sell is yourself. People are investing in you and your product because they like what you have to offer. From that you should take pride and be confident that people love your work, after all they've chosen YOU above everyone else. You shouldn't fear success, have some self belief, be confident in yourself and your work and pride youself.

Sometimes triumph can be a bit surreal and at times admitting that things are going well is a hard thought to accept. You must believe it to achieve it: be it you or a physical item. There are so many people out there that would like to share in your victory and congratulate you. Another thing that this can do is make you seem real - rather than just a motionless object behind a screen! A relatable journey or post is engaging and well all know how important that can be!

“A successful business requires one simple thing: PASSION.”

Of course, doubt, plays a big part in all of this - the buts, what if's and thoughts of failure tick over in the back of your mind. You want your successes to show that you're passionate about what you do and this goes along way to others buying in and investing in to what it is you're offering.

I think the most important reason to share your success is that it will generate attention and businesses - if you've had a pretty cool day, share it! It could lead to some brilliant opportunities if you show off what you can do. It's a bit like companies showing that they're endorsed by celebrities - you can highlight things you've achieved, I guess treating your social media page like a bit of a digital CV in a sense.

How should you share your success?

Be greatful, be modest and don't elaborate the truth - social media often plays the devils advocate when sharing your success. Facebook or Boast-book: I'm sure everyone posts about the highs, but do they equally share the lows too, of course not. No journey is ever straightforward - often alot goes on behind the scenes that doesn't get mentioned, so often or not it's easy to think someone is only ever reeling in sucess when in fact there are obstacles in their way too. In many cases it'll be one step forwards and two backwards - but that's just life. Jealousy is a nasty thing and often has a lot to answer for. I've seen lots of "look at me" posts to spite others when ultimately we all need to play fairly together in this game: share your accomplishments but don't be obnoxious and seek pity or attention when things don't go your way, it's all about careful balance between modesty and self-promotion.

Don't brag about every little thing that goes your way - no one likes a show off. Be considerate about what you share, and don't share your successes just to make someone else jealous. Don't go on and on - don't share everything and everything, it all goes back to my point about being modest.

That word modesty is something I seem to be repeating over and over again - so how do you share your successes without sounding big headed? One simple way to do this is to let others share your success and show how proud they are of you, and equally if a friend or another business has done something wonderful, make sure you shout about them! This works both ways and I truly believe people will take much more notice if the recommendation or praise comes from someone else.

“Never give up on your dreams! When you’re good at something, and there’s love in what you do, passion will always bring success.”

Don't try and confess to being something you're not, patience is a virtue. Quite often it's tempting to elaborate on the truth to get you down a pathway much faster than you should have been. It'll only ultimately trip you up and land you in a place you don't want to be.

And finally a great way to show how great you are is to encourage testimonials from your past and current clients. Not only is word of mouth a valuable marketing tool but it also allows you to share how fabulous you are!

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