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It's been a busy week...

I've been super busy this week but it's currently Friday and it's snowing - yay! I have a spare bit of time so I thought I'd update you all on what I've been doing!

Monday was pretty quiet for me, I spent my morning catching up on the emails I recieved over the weekend. Once that was all up to date I started to work on the images taken on Friday from Fay's shoot with her lovely Clydesdale, Josh. You can read all about their shoot here:

Oo and I also took delivery of my new signs and flyers!


I got up nice and early and headed to the yard to sort Dolly out before heading off to catch my train to Bicester! I met Laura at the station and we headed off to Izzy Taylor's yard to photograph the range of products that Haygain offer. Randall from 2 gallop was there too, to photograph the products being unboxed, and video clips to feature on the website alongside the photographs that I have taken.

There was a very cute puppy on the yard called Wally - I think we all took it in turns to cuddle him. He also provided us with lots of entertainment as he thought hay was the best thing in the world and absolutely loved tearing it out of the haynets!

I look forward to seeing the images in use and as ever, it was a great day! ..but the hard work hadn't even started yet!


I began work editing the images taken on Tuesday. The products were photographed in a variety of different combinations with different boilers and extras which all needed to be sorted and arranged. The black background effect on these is quite timely so they will keep me occupied for quite a while! I also started putting the ideas in to motion for an up-coming shoot I have organised!


I'm currently working on lots of different logos for various businesses - everything from hairdresses to therapists, photographers and everything in between. I love creating logos - it's a really enjoable process wattching them come to life and develop over several days. I also feel super proud that they will soon be representing a business!


Ah - finally, it's Friday! I'm feeling a little bit cross eyed from spending so long in front of the computer. I was up to help my Dad walk the dogs before heading down to Dolly. It's been sleeting on and off which the dogs don't really appreciate! I recieved a very exciting email last night so I was wide awake bright and early and feeling very motivated to get on with my jobs for the day! I've been editing some more images for Haygain as well as working on some more logo designs.

This weekend I'm looking forward to the all important 6 nations match of England v Wales, followed by lots of pony time! A weekend off from shooting but no doubt I'll be out and about with my camera for another reason!

I also plan on working a bit more on the new product catalogue!

That's just a brief overview of what I've been up to, have a lovely weekend everyone!

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