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Fay and Josh

Meet Fay and her gentle giant, Josh! I travelled to Buckinghamshire to meet them both, along with Micheline, Fay's Mum and her young labrador, Blue! Josh is a beautiful 19hh Clydesdale and holds the title of the biggest horse I've ever photographed!

Micheline gifted Fay a gift voucher - Fay had put off using the voucher until the weather got a bit better, last summer. However due to an injury we've had to postpone the shoot until this year which wasn't a problem at all - it was great to finally meet everyone!

We were a little concerned about the weather, based on the forecast, but decided to go ahead anyway. Fay was a bit worried she'd have to wash his feathers all over again if we did have to postpone - but it turned out to be a lovely morning! I suggested moving the shoot forward by half an hour which happened to be a very good call as on my way home it did start raining and the predicted high winds began to pick up.

The shoot began with some shots of Fay with Josh and Blue. Josh was totally relaxed about the whole thing, Blue on the other hand thought that crazy people waving treats and toys around was the best thing ever.

Josh looked very handsome with his beautiful white feathers, definately a big gentle giant! Fay had loaned Josh for a number of years, but he's now hers! They enjoy lots of hacking and Josh is very inqusitive and likes visiting new places: "he takes life in his long stride, has given me so much confidence - is just a lovely horse to be around in my opinion. And quite striking to look at, when he isn't falling over his own feet!"

There were lots of places for us to explore - I think this was Josh's favourite part of the whole day, and best of all he got lots of treats whilst out on his walk! A short walk up the road took us to a bridleway. We did our best to avoid the muddy parts as not to undo all of Fay's hard work getting those feathers sparkling white! She said he doesn't enjoy being fussed over and pampered but she was very impressed with how patient he was throughout the shoot.

We ventured around the bridlepaths and up to the top of the hill to where Fay had said there was a lovely archway of Holly bushes. Although, by this point, the wind was starting to pick up and the rustling leaves started to unsettle Fay. This was a good moment for us to head back down the hill towards the shelter of the yard where Fay wanted to climb aboard for some bareback shots.

It's a long way up - so we headed to the school so that Fay could use the fence to get on his back. She said you almost need to be above him and lower yourself down - which is easier said than done when he's that big! As ever, Josh took everything in and posed beautifully; it was great timing too as several dogs were running around the field opposite, it gave him something to look at and get his ears forward!

We finished the shoot up with some black background images, however, despite lots of bribery, Josh was less impressed with this part of the shoot, especially as he wasn't allowed to eat the hay in his stable!

Thank you so much Fay!! It was lovely to meet you all and I really enjoyed spending my day with you and Josh. I hope you love the images!

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