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Giles, Jessie, Orlando and the dogs!

Meet Giles, Jessie, Orlando the pony (more affectionately known as Ginge!) and their two Jack Russells - Jake and Spud! A massive thank you to Liz for organizing this shoot for Giles!

The shoot took place on their lovely yard in Oxfordshire - the home of Huntercombe horses! The main focus of the shoot was to get some lovely photographs of the dogs with Giles and his step daughter, Jessie. Although of course I was more than happy to photograph Jessie and her very handsome pony - Orlando!

We began the shoot with both dogs sat on the mounting block outside the stables. They weren't overly sure what was going on and in fact looked quite terrified at the prospect! With some edible bribery, we got there in the end!

Making use of various spaces around the yard, we got some lovely pictures of the dogs with both Jessie and Giles - looking over the stable doors and on the quad bikes.

Giles has a particular soft spot for one of Jessie's ponies - Grayswood Orlando, who as I said earlier, they call Ginge! Jessie competes for Great Britain and has been selected on to the Pony Prime Squad for 2016/2017 season. They're a very exciting partnership and more importantly, an incredibly down to earth, humble and lovely team!

You can clearly see in the photographs how proud everyone is of Jessie and of course Orlando - this summer they headed to Belgium for their first international abroad, representing GB. Both Jessie and Orlando are very photogenic and even in such a short space of time with them both we got some brilliant shots that will be treasured and looked back on in years to come.

The shoot concluded with some black background images in the stable area. Tanya, Jessie's mum was extremely impressed with how at ease everyone looks in the photographs, as Giles' worst nightmare is having his photograph taken! (Although his one comment was that he was disappointed I couldn't make him look like Brad Pitt!)

Thank you all for having me - and there's going to be a very exciting announcment coming soon from both Jessie and I!

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