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Robin, Phoebe and Margaret

Meet Robin - a beautiful Welsh gelding, owned by Margaret. Jan, Margaret's daughter organised for a black background mini session of Robin.

Robin, who they've owned for 8 years is driven by Margaret and her husband Colin, who own a little yard not far from where I keep Dolly. They offer carriage driving lessons on their beautiful ponies. Those of you local to Tidmarsh, may remember their two striking fresians: Bill and Ben.

Phoebe has been working for Margaret for a number of years now. Phoebe and I went to school together and have been friends ever since - spending our weekends riding Dolly, eating far too much and Phoebe has always been the first to offer to lend a helping hand on shoots.

Robin has really come on in confidence and has recently been to some local dressage shows with Phoebe. He regularly competes at Windsor in driving competitions, although Margaret says he's too laid back and doesn't have a competitive streak in him - whilst all the other horses around him are raring to go, he's half asleep!

He is a very sweet pony and he has a great relationship with both Phoebe and Margaret. Phoebe told me she's slowly been getting him used to standing on his own for the black background photographs, whilst he patiently waits for a polo.

They both had been looking forward to their shoot for a while now, Phoebe spend the afternoon getting Robin ready - his socks were spotless! We began the shoot taking some black background photographs of Robin on his own. He wasn't completely sure of it all but he took it all in his stride and we got some lovely photographs!

Margaret and Phoebe took it in turns to get his attention using their voice and waving various items around, whilst the other was in the photo with Robin.

Afterwards, I'd promised Phoebe some photographs with Robin as a thank you for all she does for me, most notably - last year, driving us both to Kent for a full on weekend of shoots! I can't thank Phoebe enough for everything she does so I thought this might help! We were both making eachother laugh throughout and Robin just looked so handsome!

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