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Meet Joey, Jacintha’s year old golden retriever! I photographed Jacintha with her beautiful ex-racer, Blacky, a few weeks ago. I had put up a post on Facebook asking if anyone had a young Golden Retreiver that I could borrow, and Joey was chosen to be my model!

I had a few shots in mind and Joey was very obliging throughout! We met up at the nature reserve just by the yard – armed with treats, toys and a collection of props!

It was such a hot day and Joey was finding it all very exciting, so Jacintha was careful to make sure he had plenty to drink. We began in a meadow full of beautiful flowers. Joey was the perfect model and sat and waited where we wanted him too. We also managed to get him to run up and down the cut-out in the middle of the field. He just looks so happy!

We then moved in to the shade of the woods – both Jacintha and Joey were very patient, letting me play around with the ideas I had in mind! (Thank you!)

I love goldies – they always look so happy and want to please you. The buttercups were out and I really wanted a dog with a golden colour to compliment the bright yellow. I love their temperament as well as their expression and Joey was no exception!

I took along a bow tie for Joey to wear, I think he loved all the attention and loved dressing up! Although, I think his favourite part of the shoot was jumping in the stream at the end!

To conclude, the shoot finished up back at the yard where we were able to use my stable to create the black background effect. Isn’t he handsome!

Thank you Jacintha for bringing Joey over - he was awesome! I hope you love the images!

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