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Green Farm Wobbleberries

As I'm sure you will all remember, Hannah Francis and her Wilberry the Wonder Pony captured the hearts of so many people, spreading far more than just the eventing community. Her determination, bravery and imagination lives on as a fantastic legacy!

One of the great things to come from such a sad cause is the "Wobbleberries" initiative! The aim of the fundraising event is to encourage people to get involved in the sport of eventing. The ultimate goal, for participants to complete a BE80 course in 2017 - of course, being sponsored in the process, with the proceeds going to the Wilberry Wonder Pony trust.

"A challenge for middle aged, wimpy riders to compete at a BE80 by autumn 2017, all to raise money for the wonderful Willberry Wonder Pony - inspired by Hannah Francis."

In the last 2 years, I've visited Ufton Green Farm on a number of occasions. They're the loveliest (and slightly crazy, I'm sure they won't mind me saying!) bunch of people and are always a pleasure to work with. They have enrolled as "Wobbleberries" and have asked me to help support them, which I am more than happy to do!

The team consists of: Claire, Lucy, Suzan and Charlotte. You can follow their journey

None of them have evented, recently, if not competed at all in some of their cases. All with their own fears, challenges and obstacles to over come, here is what they had to say about themselves:

Lucy and Zak

Follow our journey and challenge which is to compete at a British Eventing 80 event in the autumn of 2017. To get there will require many other challenges along the way - such as getting fit, loosing weight, conquering nerves, training hard, and learning the skills necessary to be able to compete safely.

We are aiming to be weeble-esque, "we wobble, but we don't fall down"

Zak is a 5 year old 16hh gelding.

Charlotte and Algy

I'm another of the crack team that is Green Farm Wobbleberries. We are all aiming for completing a BE80 event before the end of 2017 but have a few little 'issues' that need ironing out on the way! For me getting this done before requiring serious knee surgery would be fab, but mostly I want my courage back. Lord Algy and I are working together to confront the pokemon and we are aiming for Strictly Come Dressage on 1st October. He may even let us put some glitter on him! Please donate what you can or simply comment what you'll contribute if I manage any 7s in the test.

Suzan and Pixie

I would like to challenge myself to become healthier and overcome nerves about jumping these heights. Also I have never in my life done x country and the jumps do slightly scare me. Pixie is young and hasn't done any competing. First challenge would be to get her in a trailer. I'm hoping to start of with the Ufton court sponsored ride (no trailer required) and to take her to Strictly if she goes on something. I really want to do this for Wilberry because I have lost people through cancer and I really was impressed by Hannah's positive attitude. This deserves a good challenge

Claire and Jack

So I have signed up to be a 'Green Farm Wobbleberry' and raise funds for Hannah Francis's Cancer fund - Willberry the Wonder Pony. As I am middle aged, unfit and physically challenged I thought it would be an AMAZING idea to agree to compete and complete a BE80 event before Autumn 2017. (British Eventing 80 cm jumps for show jumping and cross country and a dressage test.)

So, what with the dryathalon and the run for cancer and the run for something else I confirm that tomorrow is detox day so I can hit the ground running on 1st September - no more glasses of wine with dinner or sneeky ciggies out the back door, no more Pizzas on a Saturday, only salad and no more sneaky cheese fests when peckish . I am throwing myself 100% into this challenge and God willing Jack and I will achieve a completed BE80 course by this time next year. Jack is 11 years old and 16.2hh.

There are several people already involved in making this become a reality for these determined ladies: An amazing and positive Yard Manager who believes we CAN do this - Tracey Sloan. We have Huntercombe Horses and Giles Carradine on board for training, we have Jenni Winter who is going to sort out our psychology and coach us (FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!) We have Rose Lewis taking our photos for publicity and fundraising events and now we have YOU reading this and wondering what it is all about.

Please sponsor us, donate, support, make the sandwiches, provide the water. It doesn't matter what you do but please help us to raise as MUCH money as we possibly can to ensure we are #kickingcancersbutt for years to come.

Follow us on:

Twitter @greenfarmwobble

Instagram @greenfarmwobbleberries

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