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Why should you print your photographs?

You might think of this as a bizarre post, especially in the day and age of technology! But really, there's nothing more I hate than seeing photographs lost on phone storage or memory cards. We are the most photographed generation, yet we barely physically hold any of the images.

There's something lovely, even nostalgic about flicking through the albums of us as children or even your parents wedding album. Not long ago I organised a few collages for my Mum's 50th birthday, we had a great afternoon flicking through various albums. It became an afternoon of great fun as we all looked back through the albums, remembering various people, situations and sometimes wondering who the odd person was in the photographs!

It's sad to think that not everyone will be doing this in years to come. Whilst it's nice having a digital camera that you can isntantly see the images that you take, giving you the opportunity to re-do them if needed. Or, being able to take several images incase someone wasn't looking or was blinking. But how many of you are guilty at snapping every single moment of your day - there's definately no problem with that - my camera roll is filled daily with photos of my pony and dogs. However, how many of those images have you ever printed? Whilst there isn't wall space for every single image you want printed, it'd be a shame to never print any of these images!

Whilst it's nice not having to wait weeks and week for possibly a disapointing batch of prints to come back. Perhaps Dad's finger was over the lense, or the images were spoilt by someone not co-operating - what acutally happens to all of these images you've taken? Do they get stored on your phone, which is then kept in a drawer once your contract is up. Or do they sit on hard drives for years and years - do you ever look back through them? You might regularly back up your phone, but will someone always update your hard drives and memory cards each time there is a change in technology. Will they "always" be able to be viewed like the prints from your Grandparents wedding? Always really is a long time. If displayed correctly, photographic prints will last hundereds of years.

I guess my biggest fear is what happens to those memories? When technology changes in the future, or your phone is lost or computer dies - how can you recover those memories? One day USB sockets might be hard to come by! It's so important to keep your images backed up. We can look back at the physical photographs held by out ancestors, is that not special in itself? In 10, 50 or 100 years time, will our future relatives be able to see our photographs? Holding a photograph in your hand is something very special, you think of the hands of the people that paper has passed through. There is so much to appreciate and I'd hate that to be lost. In your hands you have a physical image, capturing a special moment or person, holding that image close to you is beautiful. Preserve these situations and have your images printed!

You might think I am being biased here because my business relies upon people wanting their photographs printed - well yes, you're very correct but I'm not just talking about professional images, I'm talking about the day to day images you take on your phone, tablet or camera. Maybe you don't want your selfies on the wall but I am sure, looking back, there are loads of other moments you'd like to print out. I often look around the room at the photographs on the wall, the moment comes flooding back and always makes me smile. So perhaps this weekend, have a look through your photos, perhaps there was a birthday or significant family event recently? Or a photograph of your horse at a show - why not pop down to the supermarket and get one printed, whilst you wait there's plenty of time to find a frame too!

You are printing a moment in time - I think there is the tendancy to just snap and snap away without really considering what you will do with these photographs in 5 minutes, let alone 5 years. We are all guilty of it now that we have the acessability of a smart phone with a camera. I'm not sure I know anyone that doesn't have a camera on their phone. Phones come most places with us, it's not like we make the concious descision to bring a digital camera out with us these days, other than to special ocassions.

You don't have to just print images on to photographic paper. You could use your printer at home, pop down to your local chemist or shop and for a few pence, less than the cost of a Freddo frog these days, and have your favourite photographs printed. There are so many ways to display your images. From the modern metal wall prints, to photographic albums, on to cushions and phone cases. Additionally, photo books of your favourite photographs from each year make great gifts.

I hope that gives you a little idea to think about today and that you can see my point about preserving these precious moments. Even if you don't print anything, I hope that makes you think about backing up your phone regularly. On that note, I shall leave you with those points becuase there really are so many more that I could make!

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