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Katie and Nala

Meet Katie and her young Polish Warmblood mare, Nala. I’ve known Katie for several years as we used to be on the same yard and our mare’s both shared the same field. Katie has often volunteered to be in some photographs for me, both with and without her old mare, Magic. One of my very first shoots was with Katie and Magic, shortly before she sadly lost her.

Katie has since moved yards and now owns the lovely Nala! We were lucky enough to have the use of the indoor school for the black background mini session. Nala was a real sweetie and soon got the hang of what we were asking from her.

I asked Katie what “Nala” meant, thinking it could be a saying or word from Poland – Katie replied saying she’d named Nala and it was a character from the Lion King! (You can tell I don’t watch many films!)

In the confines of the indoor school, we let Nala wonder around whilst we took the photographs. Katie hasn’t owned her very long but says she’s a lovely mare who’s a very brave jumper. Their yard has some lovely bridleways and direct access on to farm land which they both enjoy exploring.

Nala was very interested in the treats we had, at one point Katie stood behind me just walking circles around Nala getting her to change her head position. She stood like a rock, just gently moving her head, following the direction of Katie – making my job very easy!

I loved her colourings, she should go a beautiful golden colour in the summer! Thank you Katie for having me, it was finally nice to meet Nala after seeing all of your photos on Facebook. I hope you love the images from the shoot!

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