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Heidi, George and RB

Meet Heidi and her son George, who along with their dog RB had a shoot in the bluebells this weekend. Gemma, Heidi’s sister had a shoot almost 18 months ago with her lovely young lad, Hugo. Gemma organised the canine shoot for Heidi as a Christmas present – thank you Gemma! It was lovely to be back and to see them all again; it’s always a privilege to be invited back!

Along with Heidi’s mum, we drove a short way from their home towards Snelsmore common, just outside of Newbury. Heidi had asked if we were able to move her shoot forward a week so that we caught the best of the bluebells – absolutely! Bluebell season is one of my favourite times to photograph throughout the year.

We headed in to the woods with their lovely Cocker Spaniel – RB. When asked if RB stood for anything, Heidi said it was the only thing George could say at the time. I loved the little bow tie on RB’s collar too!

Heidi said her favourite thing about RB was his eyebrows – I loved his long hair on top of his head too! We began the shoot by taking photographs of the three of them together. Heidi’s mum provided a great distraction to get George and RB looking at the camera, whilst they were all crouched down in the bluebells. George was very sweet and wanted to cuddle and kiss RB!

There was a sloping tree which acted as the perfect place for George to sit with Heidi stood behind – the surroundings were beautiful. Heidi’s mum said they could hack through these woods and straight on to the common which did make me quite envious, especially at this time of year when the flowers are out.

RB was fantastic and sat beautifully in the bluebells – he looked very regal and handsome!

Thank you for having me, it was lovely to see you all again, and of course to Gemma for organising the shoot in the first place! I hope you love your images!

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