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Plum and Girlie

Meet Luca, Jacob, Naomi, Luke, Rupert, Plum and Girlie as well as their two dogs.

... did the boys say something funny?

You may recognise this lovely family, in particular the boys their spotted pony, Plum. Plum became quite a hit after I shared the photographs from their shoot last year. Naomi wanted to have another shoot done to not only document the arrival of Rupert and the boys growing up that little bit more, but they also had a new arrival: Girlie their chestnut mare. (And yes, we did joke that they’ve added a chestnut mare to their family!)

Naomi wanted the shoot to have a very relaxed feel to it. We began the shoot by the boys brushing off the ponies and tacking them up. I love photographing the boys, they’re so funny to be around and the stuff they can come out with is hilarious. I hope that their energy and enthusiasm leaps out from these photographs!

Next, the boys popped their hats on and climbed aboard. We headed off down the bridle path under the canopy of trees for photographs of the boys together with their ponies. I’m sure you can see not only are the boys cheeky, the ponies are too! There were endless bouts of laughter throughout!

As we headed up towards the yard, Jacob was telling me how excited he was for Christmas! The boys were both singing Christmas songs during the shoot, it was still a good 20 days to go! Once we reached the top of the hill, we grabbed the dogs on the way. After much hilarity, ponies moving, Luca frowning and the dogs a bit confused as to what was going on, through the “chaos” (as described by Naomi haha!) we managed several beautiful family portraits. Rupert beamed throughout and I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s on a pony too!

The ponies then walked side by side along the lane, the boys telling each other jokes as they went along. I love how cheeky they look as though they’re planning something! After some individual photographs of the boys with the ponies we headed back to the yard.

After their last shoot, the boys each received a photo cushion from their shoot for Christmas. They kept telling me how much they loved them and that they were hoping for another one each for Christmas this year.

Luca was beginning to have enough of having his photo taken, after a few more shots we decided to call it a day and he and Luke went back to the yard to get Plum ready to be turned out. Naomi and I headed down towards the field with Girlie and Jacob.

Girlie is a real head turner I’m sure you’ll agree, her face marking is so unique, as though she's wearing a mask! To conclude the shoot we went back on to the yard for some black background images of the ponies.

Thank you so much Naomi for organising a lovely morning with plenty of laughs. I hope you love your images!

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