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Meet Dionne and her stunning 6 year old Friesian mare, Belle. I’ve not met a Friesian as far as I recollect but I’ve always admired their beauty and Belle was certainly no exception!

Dionne and her daughter Reneece spent the morning bathing their black beauty. She was gleaming! After some last minute touch ups to make her shine even more we began their shoot at their field a few miles up the road from where I keep Dolly.

Reneece was a great help shaking the bucket to get Belle’s attention as well as helping make sure Belle’s mane stayed perfect. Belle looked absolutely amazing when she stood upright, puffing her chest out with her neck up proud and tall.

My job couldn’t have been made any easier, I had a stunning horse and an owner who clearly adored her! The location was beautiful, especially with the hints of orange appearing along the tops of the trees.

Reneece had been riding Belle too before she had to have some time off. I photographed Belle with Reneece and then a couple of shots of all three of them together. Reneece has her own pony and another that she also shares with her Mum.

Belle was imported from Belgium a few years ago and to their surprise came in foal as a buy one get one free! Dionne said that since Belle’s foal she’s suddenly starting growing even more!

After a quick outfit change for Dionne we headed up the lane alongside the yard. Belle hadn’t really been out of the field in a few months was brilliant. ! For such a young horse that was a little out of her comfort zone, she remained so calm and composed.

We then headed back to the field for a few more shots of the three of them together before finishing up.

Thank you Dionne for asking me to photograph Belle for you and introducing me to my first Friesian! There’s just something about these magnificent horses that I admire so much. I hope I get to photograph some more Friesians one day. I hope you love your photographs!

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