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Sarah and Leanne - Sidey and Flame

Meet Sarah and her two ex race horses: Sidey (Side Glance) and Flame (Pentecost). Sarah was joined by her good friend, Leanne who has travelled all over the world as stable jockey to both of the horses, that Sarah now owns.

The drive to their yard was amazing, the views across Oxfordshire were beautiful. We had a perfect day with big fluffy clouds and a bright blue sky. Sarah showed me around the yard - she showed me their field which over looked the Uffington White Horse. What a lovely back drop for any shoot!

To begin, we took both the boys out to the stubble field, we got a few shots of them both in hand, however Sarah said they'd be much more relaxed in their field, so that's where we headed!

Flame, who Sarah has owned for many years, kept us entertained by not wanting to put his ears forward at all! Sarah said it was so unlike him because all the photos she has of him, he has his ears forward! Flame, now 14, was evented by Sarah after his racing career which saw him and Leanne travel to many countries, including Dubai.

Sidey had a real presence about him and isn't he handsome! He competed successfully all around the world, now 8, he is ready to change career - hopefully he will turn his hoof to some ridden showing.

In the boys field, we had the Uffington White Horse as our backdrop - I'm sure you never tire of that view, Sarah! Sarah and Leanne wanted the boys photographed together in each shot - a first for me! We worked through various shots of them stood by the horses, alternating and then sitting in front of them. These two are proof that there's a whole world out there for throughbreds are racing and they'll happily start a new career as eventers, show horses or even happy hackers. They were so laid back - Sidey, who was on a rest after racing, particularly took everything in his stride. They were up for some mounted shots - Leanne hopped straight on him in the field and he acted like a pro, he didn't move an inch.

After an hour or so, we headed back to the stables to photograph each of them against the black background. Flame looked so handsome and even decided he'd put his ears forward for us! I was particularly excited about photographing Sidey against the black background. Yes, it does work!

It was a privellige to meet you both and your two handsome boys. I hope you love your photographs!

I couldn't resist popping up to the White Horse on my drive back home. I always carry my glass ball with me so was able to get some shots across the coutryside.

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