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Hattie - Hennessey and Dily

Meet Hattie and her two horses: Hennessey and Dily! Hattie has helped out on various shoots I've done for Katherine, rattling buckets and helping get the horses in position for "that" black background photo of all 5 together! Hattie has wanted me to photograph her horses for quite a while but has always missed out on the yard day shoots as she works at the yard the horses are kept at. We finally managed to sort a day out - we were both excited! I absolutely love going to this yard: big open door ways for black background shots, lovely fields, corn fields, plenty of background choices and an amazing drive way (which sadly, we can't use!)

First up was Hennessey, and there was alot of him! He's evented with Hattie - isn't he hansome! He was very easy to photograph; we began in the stubble field, he'd spotted something in the distance that he fixated on, with his ears forward the whole time. Hattie was able to move around him as we changed her positioning and poses.

As we headed up the fields to the section he normally enjoys a good gallop along, he began to get a bit excited. Hattie was in control and after a little tantrum, he soon settled down and showed us how photogenic he was.

On the way back up to the yard, I suggested to Hattie she could sit on some of the logs in the woods. Henney however had other ideas and decided that mummy sitting on a log was terrifying as he danced around her! He soon redeemed himself though back up on the yard. He stood perfectly for the black background shots and turned his head wherever the treat bucket went!

After a quick top change for Hattie, we went to see Dily who was drying off in the solarium - lucky pony! She's quite the opposite of Hennessey however just as beautiful! We headed back down to the fields to begin the second half of the shoot with Dily.

Hattie, you have such a brilliant smile and it really does show through the photos how much you love those two! We spent alot of time during our two hours chatting away about how much horses shape our lives and we couldn't be without them. Both horses clearly have a lot of respect for Hattie - that made slight position changes, especially for the black background shtos incredibly easy! All she had to do was click her fingers either in front of behind them, and they'd move to where they were needed!

Dily was an angel throughout - even with three stunt planes flying very low above us. I'm not a fan of planes so I think I was more put off than Dily was! Hattie thought she'd be a pain to get her ears forward, but she wasn't! It was such a nice day having two co-operative horses and a lovely owner to photograph.

Before heading back through the woods, Hattie hopped on Dily for some bare back shots. I just love how happy they both look in these and weren't we lucky with the beautiful scenery!

The shoot concluded with some shots on the pathway back up to the stables. The line of trees running along the grass made a lovely frame to the photograph - you can see why I love coming to this yard!

Thank you so much Hattie - it was so nice to see you guys again and finally get round to photographing your two horses! I hope you love the images!

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