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Becky and Milo

Meet Becky and her very handsome horse, Milo! We initially had to postpone Becky's shoot due to the absolutely awful weather! I'm so glad we did because our second attempt at the shoot came on a very mild, dry day. (Even if a little muggy!)

The shoot began by Becky introducing me to Milo at their private yard - it happens to be just opposite where I used to keep Dolly, and neither of us knew the other place existed or had horses on! It's such a small world, Becky was actually at my current yard, the day before!

We headed across the fields to a spot bordered by apple trees. The field had been deliberately left long for the shoot which I was really happy about! I love letting the bursts of colour from the flowers pop up through the grass and gently break up the green tones.

Becky had a few shots in mind that she'd spotted other people had, on my website. So, we began using the gateway to the field as requested. Milo was a real poser and was happy to put his ears forward for us! Becky brought along her friend, Helen, to assist us for the morning, who was a great help making sure Milo was looking the direction I wanted.

The apple trees bordering the field made for some lovely back drops for the photographs. The yard was a beautiful setting and so peaceful! Initially Milo wasn't here to stay, Becky purchased him as a project horse but she soon fell in love with him, and he's still there now!

During the shoot we worked through a variety of different poses, altering our background every few shots to add some variety. Becky mainly works on dressage with Milo, she said he can get very strong out hunting!

Milo was beginning to get a bit aggetated by the flies and fed up that he was in a lush field but wasn't allowed a munch - we finished up the shoot with some bareback shots against the apple trees.

Thank you so much for having me!! I hope you enjoyed yourselves and love the photos.

Becky left me a little review on my page which I'd like to share with you:

"Thank you for being so helpful and positive. I think Milo would like to be a full time model! Thank you. You are truly very talented x.

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