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Angie, Liz and Tash

First up for the yard day shoot at their lovely yard, just outside Pangbourne, was Liz. Liz owns Pie, her coloured gelding. They enjoy eventing together!

We began the shoot in an orchard just to the back of the stables. Pie was far more interested in the juicy apples hanging off the tree than putting his ears forward, however it did make a beautiful background for the photographs.

We headed away from the stables up along the track where we got a few more shots. The track took us in to the woods where we found a log for Liz to sit on. Pie wasn't keen on sharing the shots with Liz and became a real challenge to get his ears forward. Angie did a brilliant job of finding different things to shake, throw and drag around and we eventually got the shots we were after!

The next backdrop was in the boys winter field: a beautiful grass field overlooking the valley towards Goring. (correct me if I'm wrong, my Geography isn't great!) I do love a beautiful day with fluffy clouds and blue sky! I love how natural the shots look of Liz lying in the grass playing with Pie. She was holding an apple - that quickly got his attention!

The shoot finished up with some black background shots and bare back photographs back in the orchard.

Up next was Angie and her handsome boy Bailey, who also event. I first "met" Angie at a horse trials just over a year ago - after getting a shot of her rather gracefully parting company from Bailey! We soon got chatting after the event and realised we had lots of mutual friends and she used to ride just over the road from me.

We began the shoot, just like Liz's down in the orchard; Bailey was a pro and had his ears forward at the camera.

After spending some time on the track and path ways between fields working through mounted and un-mounted poses we headed back to the yard for some black background shots. Bailey did try his luck and see if he could escape but Angie's quick reaction meant he didn't get very far!

The shoot concluded back in the grazing field. The view across the other fields and to the other side of the river was beautiful; the little flowers popping up amongst the grass - I was in scenery heaven!

Our last models for the day were Tash and her youngster, Henry. He was an absolute sweet heart.

Tash plans to event him once he's older. He definately didn't come across as baby-ish, he took everything in his stride and loved all the attention and affection. The shoot began down in the indoor arena where we got some beautiful black background shots of Henry on his own and some of him with Tasha.

We then headed up along the track working through various poses with Henry. I really love the photos of Tash hugging Henry - an image really can speak a thousand words.

For the last time that day, we headed back to the field and finished up Tash's shoot with some photographs of her and Henry in the long grass. I can see him growing up to be such a wonderful, well natured horse!

Thank you three for having me on such a sunny Sunday aftenoon. You were all brilliant company and a great help getting ears forward! I hope you love your images!

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