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Kayleigh and Monty

Meet Kayleigh and her 16.2 chestnut gelding, Monty!

We began the shoot, on a miserable Monday "summers" day down in a corn field at the bottom of the livery yard. It was rather overcast and drizzled on and off. Despite that, we all had a great time! Monty was very keen and was far too interested in looking at a new mare and foal across the field.

After spending some time on the ground, we agreed it would be better to keep Monty's feet moving, so Kayleigh hopped on. We headed a little way up the field to a large open field with long green grass.

Monty showed off his best dressage moves and Kayleigh you sat so well to them! (Even with all that coat shine on!) He was very excited but Kayleigh kept him together and we did end up with some lovely ridden shots.

We then headed back to the field to try some mounted shots amongst the corn; sticking just to the tyre tracks and some bare patches just on the edge. Kayleigh also had a quick outfit change in to her lovely navy summer dress!

Monty soon settled down after his canter around the field and let us take some lovely shots, with his ears forward! He was a bit figety but we all understood this was probably a very weird scenario for him to be in: tacked up in an open field, he normally hacks around and asked to stand still?!

Kayleigh was a natural and looked elegant throughout - no matter what Monty decided he was going to do!

We headed up back towards the yard in to one of the fields to finish up my last couple of ideas. You can really see both their personalities and Kayleigh's love for Monty through the shots, whom she's owned for around 10 years.

The shoot concluded with some black background shots - doesn't Monty look handsome!

Thank you for having me! It was lovely to meet you both!

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