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Becky and Clegg

Meet Becky and her adorable Exmoor, Clegg. You may recognise this pair, I photographed them earlier on in the year but Becky really wanted some more shots of Clegg now that he had his summer coat.

The first time I met Becky, we'd already had to call the shoot off once because of the weather. Becky must be cursed: she booked this summer shoot months ago and guess what ... we nearly had to call the shoot off!

When we arrived at the yard it was just slightly spitting with rain, Becky was still up for going ahead, so after giving Clegg a quick brush we headed off around the yard. Our first location was Clegg's field. I wanted to make sure these shots were completely different from their first shoot which was largely taken in the woods.

Clegg is so inquisitive - he loved our food bucket too! When I first met Becky, she was just starting to back him, it was nice seeing him a few months later after he'd learnt more and really matured. He recently went to his first "pony party" and out did himself with a respectable dressage score and no tantrums!

Doesn't Clegg look handsome! Looking back you can also see their bond has grown from strength to strength over the last few months and it really shines through in the photographs.

Clegg showed his cheeky side when he tried to almost catapult Becky across the field! Becky was sat on one of the cross country jumps in the field and he decided he'd make the shoot more exciting by nudging Becky off!

Looking very smart in his Bex's Browbands and Collars "Ultimate Bling" browband, he looked such a grown up boy, even allowing Becky to have her first sit on him bare back! We then headed up to the next field for a change of scenery. Clegg was an angel and did everything we asked of him.

The shoot finished up with some black background shots. This yard has lovely open barn doorways leading in to the indoor stables, giving me the perfect dark space to create these shots.

Thank you Becky for asking me back again. It is so nice to see Clegg looking so grown up and doing so well!

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