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Nougat and Tessie

Meet Anna, her lovely family and their two ponies: Tessie and Nougat. Anna purchased a gift voucher for her daughter, Mila, for her 13th birthday.

A few days after Mila's birthday I met them all at their livery yard for a mornings shoot. We began the shoot across the road from the yard for some group shots of the whole family. The location was stunning and we were spoilt for choice with various backgrounds, including a beautiful corn field! Everyone was so easy to work with, even the horses put their ears forward as soon as I began clicking away.

As ever, we were careful to only lead the horses down the bridle path at the edge and the small strips left by the tractors tyres. The backdrop to the corn field overlooked some of my favourite local hacking routes and I was reminded again at how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful, scenic area. Mila was also up for some bareback shots in the corn, Nougat stood perfectly for us!

As we headed back up the drive way towards the yard, Mila was telling me all about Nougat. He's her first pony (she previously rode her Mum's mare, Tessie.) and they both love nothing more than going jumping, be it cross country or showjumping! Nougat is 14 and they've owned him for a few years now.

We found a lovely little field not far from the stables. On the way, we past the indoor school, which provided the perfect opportunity for some black background shots - and if you haven't guessed by now - they're my favourite!

Both Anna and Mila jumped on bareback for some shots together and individually. I'd like to say a particular thank you to Mila's little brother for helping wave keys, buckets, treats and clapping away to get Nougat's attention!

After a few inhand shots, we all headed back towards the yard for Mila to change in to her competition gear.

Just as we were walking back to our location on the driveway a big red bus pulled up for a wedding which was being held on part of the yard. We managed to position Mila and Nougat so we could get the red of the bus to break up some of the greenery in the shot - something a little different!

The shoot finished up with some shots back in the indoor school with Mila and Nougat.

Thank you all so much for having me! I hope you enjoyed your day and really love your photos! Everyone was so lovely and easy to work with, I really enjoyed myself!

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