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Sarah and Summer

Meet Sarah and her beautiful dark bay mare, Summer. Ironically, the shoot was slotted nicely in the middle of some rain and gusty winds - definately not your typical summers day! Sarah has owned Summer for about 3 years.

You can see the clouds were darkening behind us, they do add some drama to the photo! And we managed to not get wet!

We began the shoot on the driveway, however Summer was nervous of leaving her friends and field so we decided to head back towards her field to begin with. Summer soon settled down and as you can see from the photos, was a real poser!

After an initial hesitation leaving her field again, we managed to get Summer back to the drive way and we even found a little bench under some trees for Sarah to sit on.

Thank you Sarah for persevering even when Summer wasn't too keen on what we had planned! I hope you love your photos and thank you again for asking me to come and photograph you and Summer!

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