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Ellie and Tycoon

Meet Ellie and her rather handsome gelding, Tycoon. Ellie had booked an hours session as part of a yard day shoot on her yard.

We began the shoot with a few ridden shots along the drive way. Ellie has owned Tyc for just over a year. It's their first proper summer together and Ellie is looking forward to taking him to Boomerang Stables for some cross country! She kept saying how well he looked after her, if she landed on his neck whilst jumping he would always keep her safe. Whilst walking up to the field, Ellie told Elena and I that he used to be a showjumper. For such a fit, athletic horse he was definately a gentleman!

We spent a bit of time in various fields getting some more ridden shots, before heading back to the stables for Ellie to take his saddle off. Using the driveway as a backdrop, we got some beautiful shots of Tycoon on his own as well as working through a number of different poses with Ellie on the ground.

There was a lovely spot just in the jumping field where I could crouch right down in to the grass and let the flowers pop up softly in front of the lense. These are some of my favourite shots, it really captures a natural connection between horse and owner. I tell them to pretend I'm not here and just have a good chat and hug with their horse.

The funniest part of the shoot was when Tycoon decided to do the biggest sneeze possible and snorted all sorts all over Ellie who was sat beside him!

We then slowly headed back along the drive way, working through a few more poses.

There was a little area of tall grass with some thistles. The bright purple of the thistles matched well with Ellie's top. I'm glad I always wear jeans to shoots instead of shorts as it meant I could get right in to the thistles to get some photos!

Thank you Ellie for having me, I'm so glad you love your photos!

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