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Bea and Di

Bea organised a yard day shoot for her and two other ladies at her yard. It was the day after the hottest day of the year so we were all very relieved there was some cloud cover and a gentle breeze!

After getting slightly confused about where we were going (the satnav had no idea the yard existed!) we soon arrived at the yard and Bea showed us around - she confessed she hadn't been their long so probably wasn't the best person to be showing us around!

Bea bought Di from the college she attended and we soon realised we had quite a few mutual friends!

We began the shoot on the drive way. The drive way was lovely and open which made for a brilliant backdrop. If you ready my "perfect shoot locations" blog post you'd realise why I love driveways so much! The running line of the drive way automatically draws your eye to a point to focus on, in this case being Bea and Di!

We then headed up to the jump field where there were some patches of long grass and flowers. Bea and Di have a great relationship - when I asked her to kiss him on the nose, she put a little treat between her lips and he very gently took it from her looking as though they were actually kissing.

There were two empty stables in the field which allwoed me to create the black background studio effect - doesn't he look handsome!

After spending some more time in the field, we walked back along the driveway working through a few other ideas and backdrops along the way.

As we headed back along a little path, we spotted an opening looking across the hills. The scenery looked very dramatic: the sky was darkening with a shower imminent and the light turned as though we were in for an impressive storm. The effect this had on the photos was lovely, it bought out lots of colours in Di's coat!

We managed to finish up the hours shoot without getting wet and it didn't end up raining until I got home!

Thank you Bea for organising the yard day and I hope you love your photos!

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