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Kerry and her three ponies!

Meet Kerry and her three beautiful ponies: Seren, Rosie and Fudge!

I’ve had the pleasure of drawing her wonderful little chestnut pony Rosie so it was great to get to meet her! Rosie is an incredible 37 years old – doesn’t she look amazing! Kerry wanted some photos of Rosie in the long grass which looked beautiful with dandelion “fairies” and buttercups. Rosie had other ideas and decided photos weren’t interesting at all! Kerry originally said she didn’t want to be in the photos but she did sit in for a couple with Rosie to get her to stand still for me.

Next up was the very pretty Seren! Seren was a little cutie although Kerry’s stories told a different story haha! But that’s why we love ponies! The pink of her browband was beautiful against her black coat. Seren as well didn’t like the idea of standing still! As soon as we got her in position, she’d come marching forward. With some patience and again, Kerry sitting down in the grass too we got some lovely shots!

We then headed back down on to the yard to photograph both ponies in the barn to create the black background “studio” effect.

Kerry then bought out the lovely Fudge! We began the second hour of Kerry’s shoot in the barn. We then headed down to a beautiful field with lovely long grass that was going to be cut for hay.

I photographed Kerry in a variety of different poses with Fudge who was in heaven in all that lush grass!

We then finished up the shoot by walking down the drive way to a lovely drive way with a beautiful backdrop of hedges and multi-coloured flowers.

It was so nice to meet you Kerry after all this time! I hope you love your photos!

(Also a big thank you to Nick for helping me out – he’s fallen in love with your two little ponies, Kerry!)

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