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Lilly, Nemo and Happy

Meet Lilly and her loan horse Happy! We headed down to the field alongside her field so that she felt comfortable as she can sometimes feel unsettled when she isn't sure of a situation.

Lilly was a natural and so easy to photograph! After working through a few poses in the field and around the trees, we headed back on to the yard to meet Nemo.

Nemo is owned by Lilly and her Mum. He was such a sweetie and would do anything for some of our treats! I spotted these beautiful rustic looking stables and knew Nemo would look stunning against them!

Who can resist that moustache!

We then headed to the fields and I spotted some lovely big oak trees and a fallen tree.

We then finished up in the fields with Lilly taking Nemo for a canter - his mane flowed beautifully in the breeze! Nemo was very patient throughout which meant I could run around to capture various angles without having to keep re-position him each time. Lilly clearly adores him which shines through so naturally!

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