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Kate and Ally

Who can have a guess at how old he is - I'll let you know at the end of the blog post if you were right!

Anyway, here is Kate and her retired bsja pony. Isn't he handsome! Kate has owned him for many years and wanted some photos of him at liberty. I'm sure you will see why when you see him move!

He just floated around the field! Kate and Phoebe encouraged him to trot and canter and he loved it! With a beautiful Welsh trot and his Arab traits coming through with his high tail he was dream like!

Kate didn't want to be in many photos but we persuaded her to be in some very natural posed shots. I couldn't resist a little Photoshop work to make him in to a Pegasus! Kate laughed and said it's probably how he imagines himself to look! So here he is, meet Ally the 29 year old Welsh x Arab! Doesn't he look fantastic ! He certainly didn't act his age!

Thank you Kate for having Phoebe and I, we both wish you many more happy years with your boy!!

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