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Gemma and Spencer

Phoebe had absolutely fallen in love with Spencer, isn't he a handsome chap! He would do anything for some treats and soon became best friends with Phoebe. (Just look how sweet his eye is!)

Gem and Spencer were very easy to work with, I just love how natural Gemma's smile and adoration for Spencer is!

We began the shoot in a field with a beautiful view. We worked through a few different poses in the field and then in and around the trees. After that we headed up to the castle, I fell in love with these wide angle shots, they bring a different perspective to the photos and offer something slightly different for my lovely customers.

Spencer was a natural poser and loved being centre of attention! I also want to mention now much I love Gemma's outfit; its relatively simple but it compliments Spencer's colouring so well.

To finish the shoot we headed back to the yard for some black background shots. I adore these particularly - what a photogenic pair!

Thank you Gemma, I'm so glad you love your images. (Phoebe still talks about Spencer and wants to name her dog Spencer!)

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