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Ellie and Roger

Ellie first contacted me in Facebook to organize a yard day shoot after she'd seen an advert in a Facebook group. Phoebe and I travelled down to their livery yard in Kent.

We began the shoot by taking photos of Roger, her very handsome 7 year old Connemara, loose schooling.

Ellie had asked me to split her hour slot in to two sessions so that she had a chance to get changed in to a new outfit. Ellie then changed in to her "matchy matchy" and Roger looked amazing in his matching set.

Ellie has managed to get several other liveries hooked on matchy too! In fact, it was an advert in a matchy group that caught Ellie's attention in the first place. We headed up to the fields with Julie, Ellie's mum to a beautiful oak tree. The tree provided us with a dramatic canopy which was crying out for a nice wide angle shot- it turned out to be one of my favourites from the whole weekend.

Roger was very patient throughout but at one point he did decide that eating the logs were more exciting than the treats Phoebe was shaking for him!

The yard was beautiful and provided us with some amazing backdrops as you can see!

Thank you Ellie and Julie for organizing the yard shoot. It was so nice to finally meet you after the initial emails a few months ago!

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