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Sarah and Tenner

Meet Sarah and Tenner! It was a very last minute photo shoot! Someone on the yard-day shoot wasn’t able to do their photos so to fill the slot, Sarah and Tenner joined us!

Sarah has owned Tenner for a couple of months but you can already see what a strong partnership they have together. We started the shoot down in the school working through a variety of different positioning and poses.

Whilst working in the school isn’t something I normally do. The backgoruonds can end up cluttered with fencing and bright jump wings and poles. However I am always happy to accommodate each horse and owner.

I love these photos! They have a very relaxed, natural feel to them and I hope they’re something that can be treasured forever.

We then headed up to the lovely barns to take some black background photographs. I particularly love how Tenner’s colouring makes him “pop” from the dark background to create a lovely, striking image, as though it was taken in a studio! Thank you Sarah and I hope you enjoyed your somewhat im-promptu shoot!

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