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Becky and Clegg


Becky messaged me a few weeks ago to arrange a yard shoot at their beautiful yard in Reading. I’ve taken photographs here quite a few times and you’re spoilt for choice with some lovely backdrops!


Meet Becky and her very handsome 4 year old Exmoor, Clegg.

Becky said she went out looking for a thoroughbred and didn’t quite end up with one! Clegg was a little sweetie and would do anything for some treats which definitely made my job very easy! Just look as his fluffy nose!


For such a young pony who has only recently been broken he was a superstar!

He's a wonderful little pony Becky, you're very lucky to have him! Clegg has his own little fan-club on Facebook which you can follow here.


Thank you for organising such a brilliant day Becky! (I'm so glad we moved it a weekend later because we actually ended up with some beautiful sunshine!)


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