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Courtney and Ron - Equine Shoot

I put a post on my Facebook this week saying that I’d have a cancellation on Friday and asked if anyone would like to fill the space. Courtney sent me a message saying that she’d love me to come and photograph her very handsome chestnut gelding, Ron.

After initially making Courtney jump by walking in to the stables as she was just walking out (sorry!) things soon settled down and she introduced her to Ron! The yard had some lovely tracks and fields that were brilliant for photographs. So, we headed up towards the fields for the majority of the shoot. Courtney also said there was a log that would be great for her to sit on in the photos. However, on our way back down the field, Ron decided that he’d had enough and marched off home without us all! Luckily someone caught him heading back to the stables!

“I saw Rose's status on Facebook that she had a space left for a photoshoot on Friday, hadn't really thought about having one before, but I had the day off so thought I'd book myself in! And, well, aside from Ron testing our patience - It was fantastic. I can't believe I haven't had one done before, from start to finish Rose and her brother were so helpful (and understanding - stupid horse), not to mention the quality of photos are outstanding, she really is very talented. Even with Ronald being cheeky/downright naughty, Rose still managed to get 60+ gorgeous photos. Would definitely recommend to any horse owners who'd like a shoot of their own! Thrilled to say the least!! :) x"

We thought it would be best to do some photos in the outdoor school. I normally don’t like shooting in an outdoor school but their school was woodchip. I was really pleased with how natural it looked. Sometimes shooting on a rubber surface can take away from the pictures and it can make the whole environment look very enclosed. However the natural feel of the woodchip, also being a similar tone to Ron seemed to work.

Lastly, we finished up the shoot with some black background photographs in the barn. This was quite a challenge because there was light coming from multiple directions in the barn. We moved around each side of the barn and eventually found the perfect spot!

Thank you so much Courtney for booking me to come and photograph you and Ron! And I really appreciate the amazing feedback you left me!

(Also thank you to my non-horsey brother stepping up to be my assistant for the day getting Ron’s ears forward in each shot!)

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