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Ellie and George


Meet Ellie and her wonderful pony, George! Ellie has a great way with horses and that clearly is returned by George. He absolutely adores her! He was very obliging and mannered throughout the whole shoot. George was very much a poser - his ears pricked forward and his gaze constantly at my camera or where Phoebe was with the bucket of treats! Typical pony though, he'd do absolutely anything for those treats! We started off with some of the black background photographs in front of the barns. I am spoilt going to this yard, such lovely scenery, woodland and fantastic doorways for the black background shots!


Phoebe and I did ask Ellie if she'd be warm enough in just a T-shirt but she said she was fine, so we headed off down to the woods! Ellie was telling us how some of the logs we were using in the photographs for her to sit on were ones she had jumped with George, he did look confused as to why he was standing next to them rather than jumping!


Ellie and George were great together and happily worked through all of the suggestions for poses and positionings that we had for them, both in hand and bareback. We even got a bit too in to the photographs and over-ran quite alot! Ooops - I love it when a shoot works as well as this though!


Ellie takes George to showjumping competitions regularly. She had asked us if we'd finished up with some photographs of her jumping in the arena. I wanted to make sure I captured something differently to the usual event photographs you can purchase at shows. I played around with layering different shots together, and this is what I came up with!


Thank you Ellie for asking me to photograph you and George - it was a pleasure!

PS - absolutely love his clip!

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