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Claire, Tilly and Polly

My sponsored rider, Katherine organised for me to come over to her yard to photograph some of the other liveries. Claire has a pony called Tilly, and her boyfriend’s horse, Polly. Both are very beautiful!


Claire had asked me to get some photographs of both horses on the black backgrounds. The photographs of Polly were particularly special as they were her partners Birthday present!


Both ponies were very well behaved! I really love the richness of Polly’s coat in these images. After we had taken the black background images with Tilly, we moved around the yard getting photographs of Tilly in the school as well as in hand around the grounds.


I also want to thank Claire for inviting me back a few weeks later to photograph herself with Tilly! It was a very cold and early start but Claire looked lovely! Tilly was wearing her new “Ultimate Bling” browband from Bex. (Can I also say again, I’m amazed how quickly and neatly Tilly’s mane was plaited, Claire!)


Claire asked me if I could photograph her and Tilly in the style of the black background images. I was so pleased with the outcome of these images. Tilly was a natural again! It was a first, photographing a horse being ridden against the black background but the images look fab!


Thank you for sharing the framed photographs with me – they work so well in them! It’s also very nice to see what people do with my photographs once I’ve delivered them. Thank you again, Claire, Tilly and of course Polly!

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