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Meet Becka!

Meet my newest sponsored rider, Becka James! I asked Becka a few questions about herself and her very beautiful mare, Caprice. I look forward to working on a few more projects with Becka as well as following her riding career!


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm Becka from Becka James Equestrian. I have been around horses ever since I was born but got my first ever pony at 6, I then rode him and another pony for its owner to bring him on also. Then I moved onto a 14.2 who I competed in pony club events and local show jumping, dressage and cross-country. Then I moved onto Beauty my 14.1 show jumper! I competed junior British show jumping on her at events including Bluechip Finals and SCOPE, where we came 11th in a class. I now have Caprice, my 15.2 competition horse who I have competed up to senior 1.15 so far and am currently competing nationally at British show jumping, dressage and local cross country! I also ride horses and ponies for people when they need help with their horses, be it bringing on, regular schooling or backing and breaking in. Some of the competitions I have competed at include: Competed at the national dressage finals 2008 Competed Blue Chip National Finals 2011, 2013, 2014 Competed SCOPE National Finals 2011 + placed 11th in consolation round. Won Senior Winter showjumping league at Wellington - 2013 Competed Sunshine Tour Finals - Dressage 2013


2. What are you looking forward most to 2015? In 2015 I am looking forward to gaining new rides, helping back and break in a horse at the yard where I am based, and also continuing to compete Caprice. Whilst also getting Caspar (a ride) out to do his first local cross country trials and improve his education in all events and situations; as he is a youngster being brought on with help from myself alongside his owner. I am also looking forward to more shoots with Daydream Equine Art as she captured stunning moments between Caprice and I and I cannot wait for future shoots!


3. What was your favourite horsey moment?

My favourite horsey moment has to be when ever I ride very early in the mornings on any pony or horse, but mainly Caprice, around the fields or on a hack, when it's still and quiet and all you can hear are the birds cheeping whilst spotting the odd dear running across the field. It's a lovely feeling to be so relaxed and at one with my horse and I never wish to leave the saddle!

4. Do you provide a service that may be of any use to people reading this? I also offer a groom service in Berkshire where I can cover all yard duties, I also offer clipping using my own clippers, alongside mane and tail trimming. Also riding services.


Becka is based in Reading, Berkshire but has her own transport. I can highly recommend Becka and her mannerism around a variety of different horses. On a recent shoot with Becka, Caprice was absolutely spotless. Even being clipped, she still had a beautiful shine to her coat.

5. Do you have a fun fact about you and Caps? A fun fact about Caprice and II is that during the colder winter months Caprice wears funky snuggy hoods, including: blue sheep, cow print and leopard print!

Caprices funniest habit is giving big slobbery kisses to anyone especially when they have a treat!

You can find out more about Becka by following her on Facebook for regular updates:

For more information please hed to Becka's website:


I also want to thank Becka for continuing to promote my work and being fantastic at getting new likers to my page to learn more about what I can offer.

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