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Meet Suzanne at SP Equestrian!

I first "met" Suzanne when she commissioned me to produce a logo for her business: SP Equestrian. I thought it would be fantastic to introduce Suzanne and her wonderful creations to you too!


1. How would you describe your business/products in a sentence? Handmade, British and bespoke! My target market is anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors and wants to stay warm while still looking great! If, like me, you love British tweeds but want to stand out from the crowd then SP Equestrian is for you!

sewpretty copy.jpg

2. What’s your favourite product you make? What would you need from a customer to complete their order? My favourite products are my headbands! I've got quite a small head so all the off the shelf headbands I bought were too big! They were constantly slipping down over my eyes! I have always loved British fabrics and when I inherited my Great Grandma's sewing machine I just thought I would have a go at making my own. Other people started taking an interest and the idea for SP Equestrian was born! All of my headbands and neckwarmers are made just for you from high quality British tweeds and wool Worsteds. You choose the colour, the lining and the size! No more headbands slipping down over your eyes!! I tend to buy small runs of fabric so I can offer a wide range of colour options - it also means that everything in the range is a limited edition!!

Suzanne custom makes items to suit you: To get the right size, I recommend measuring around your head, over your ears! You can also check the size label in your riding hat!


3. Your headbands and scarves would be great in Winter! Do you make anything suitable for the warmer months? I make scarves with pretty cotton linings which would look lovely with a jacket for Spring and Autumn! I've got a super foxy cotton lined tweed scarf which I wear all the time! I also make self-tie stocks in a wide range of patterned or plain cotton fabrics!


4. Do you sell other accessories that could complete an outfit for a photoshoot? Or how could your products accessories someone’s outfit for a photoshoot? Headbands are a great way of disguising a less than perfect hair day! Having a gorgeous headband which complements your outfit could take a lot of hair stress out of your photo shoot! (Particularly if it's a little bit breezy!) - the other advantage to headbands is that if you have great hair, they don't ruin it like hats can!! That means you can take them on and off to change your outfit throughout your shoot! Our tweed scarves are great for adding a splash of colour to your outfit, particularly if you are planning to wear a jacket and jeans!


5. What colours do you think would work well with each of the 4 seasons? Pink, pink and more pink!!


Just kidding! We have a huge range of colour choices available! For a Spring shoot I would recommend soft fresh colours - turquoise, dusky blues, soft pinks or lilac / lavender There are some perfect fabrics in the SP Equestrian range including our Avoca grey which combines beautifully with a coloured fleece lining and our new lilac with purple overcheck! For summer I would recommend bright colours!! With any luck you will have a lovely sunny day for your photo shoot so you shouldn't need a headband! If you did, I would recommend a striking traditional tweed! You might, however fancy a cotton lined scarf or maybe one of our foxy stocks! Autumn gives you a great opportunity to wear flattering brown and orange shades! Again you could go for a very traditional tweed, perhaps an olive green with a bright overcheck or a delicate brown herringbone!


Winter would be my favourite time of year for a photo shoot! Jeans, boots, cosy tweed jackets .... Perfect!! Tweed scarves and headbands would be the perfect accessories! For a winter shoot you could choose a dark headband with a bright lining! One of the plain wool Worsteds would be perfect! Navy and red perhaps! 6. Anything else you want to add? If you have a Photoshoot booked with Daydream Equine Art you can have 10% discount on you SP Equestrian accessories


Suzanne also works with Equestrian Originals to embroider logos, slogans and names on to her headbands. If you work outdoors this is a great way to advertise nad promote your services as well as keeping warm! (in style!)


You can find out more about SP Equestrian by following her on Facebook. Don't forget to take advantage of her super offer!


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