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Can you help me – things I’d love to photograph!

Can you help me – things I’d love to photograph!

Here are a list of some of the people and animals I’d love to get the chance to photograph this year. The closer to Reading, Berkshire the better but I am willing to travel for these opportunities. Some of these are things that I’ve been longing to do even before I was offering photoshoots! I’m very thankful for the incredible openings and contacts I’ve made in the process last time I asked this of you all!


Who DOESN’T love foals! Is your mare in foal this year? Whatever age/breed/colour, I’d love to come and meet your new arrival! I’m happy to wait a few weeks for the mare and foal to get to know each other. I’m after natural, adorable photos. Happy to photograph mare and foal together in the field, something totally un-intruding, I’m not going to get in between mare and foal for photographs. I’m also more than willing to photograph you with your mare and foal too!

Games Ponies

I have seen the mounted games ponies at lots of different events, including HOYS. Games ponies are such fantastic little ponies! I love the fast action pace, the colours and how they manage to get the crowd on their feet cheering and chanting. And of course the determination and strength of the jockeys! This year I’d love to meet some of you and your games ponies. Capturing them will be a challenge but something I am very keen to do. Can you put me in touch with a local team?


Dogs that do tricks…(or maybe even a pony?!)

I’m on the lookout for a very special dog! Can your dog beg, bow, high-five, jump through hoops or even ride a skateboard? I’m looking for different breeds of dog that can do a variety of different tricks. Just think what fun we could have with these photographs! Dogs must also be happy in open spaces such as the woods and any props/jumps/see-saws etc available too!


Working Dogs

Sheepdogs, gundogs and other sporting dogs wanted! I’d love to come out and follow you and your working dog for a day. Particularly interested in gun dogs (labs, spaniels etc) and capturing them in action. Any age of dog and any breed!

Golden Oldies

Older horses are something I’ve always had a special place for, especially when the time is close for you to say goodbye to them. If you have an older horse, I’d love to come and capture some very special moments for you to treasure when the sad time comes. What’s your story? I’d love to come and document your partnership and create those everlasting memories.


I’d be very grateful to anyone who could put me in touch with relevant people to make this happen! If any small equine businesses have an opportunity they feel would be mutually beneficial for us both, please get in touch! E.g. I’d be more than happy to photograph your products in use, for you to use on your website/social media.

Thank you everyone!

I can be contacted via Facebook or my email:

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