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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wow.. is it 2015 already?

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas surrounded by the people most important to you! We had a lovely Christmas and were totally spoiled. Definately ate too much food though!

I'd like to wish all of my loyal likers and fantastic customers.. without you there would be no Daydream Equine Art!


2014 - was definately the year of the horse.. I have produced some of my best portraits to date as well as being involved in some very exciting projects! I've become friends with so many of my customers too!

This year I was commissioned by a local author to illustrate her book. I'm pleased to say I've been asked to illustrate the rest of the series.. watch out for them in the Spring!

2014 saw me leave school and take this on full time.. it's sometimes been a challenge but I've enjoyed every SECOND of it! This year I launched the photography side of my business... it took off almost instantly.. it's nice to get out and meet you all and your lovely animals. The testimonials and opportunities to be invited back to photograph you and your horses again is an absolute pleasure. Oddly enough it was the most challenging shoots that I enjoyed the most. It's a fantastic feeling seeing your images printed as a physical copy and even more amazing to see them hanging up in your home, pride of place.


I would like to wish all the best to you next year! I hope I get the opportunity to meet some more of my lovely likers and their animals. Lots of exciting things are planned with some of my favourite facebook businesses and of course my lovely sponsored riders: Katherine Cooksley Para Dressage and Becka James Equestrian, who too have a lot planned for 2015!


One thing I am more determined to do this year is blog! Writing isn't something I enjoy or find easy, however. When I go to meet owners and their pets they always have so many fantastic, heartwarming and hilarious stories to share about the pets. The love they have for their animal will undoubtely shine through in the images but there is so much more to the story that I want to bring to life!

Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?

The website has been updated with new things for 2015 already, most things have stated relatively the same you'll be pleased to know! The website has had a few changes made and lots more pictures have been added. Here's to 2015! Thank you all for making this possible for me! xx

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