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Tilly and Lexi

After being unsure whether the weather was going to be against us, we met Sharon and Tilly at their yard. We arrived just as a brief shower started. After waiting for it to pass, the sun came out and it was a lovely afternoon!

Tilly's friend Lexi came along too for some photographs.

I photographed Tilly in her field before we headed off down a little lane to a lovely stubble field. The field made an excellent background and after convincing Sharon to be in some of the photographs I got some of Lexi and her owner too.


The Autumn colours were just starting to appear. Sharon tacked up Tilly, her lovely coloured mare, she'd asked me to get a few pictures of her riding. Sharon had said I'd have to be quick getting photos of them in canter because she can't keep it up for very long - WRONG! Haha Tilly was fab and did a few laps of canter round the field, enabling me to get some lovely shots!


I had asked if we could take Tilly back down to the field to get some ridden photographs in the lane. Apparently this was Tilly's first hack out on her own, and she was perfect!

Before finishing up we managed to get some "black background" pictures in the stables.

It was lovely to meet you both!

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