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Taylor and Genie

Mel, Taylor's mum contacted me after seeing a friend's photographs that I had taken. She asked me to come over and meet at her yard to photograph her daughter Taylor and their connemara pony, Genie.


Genie was an angel throughout the whole shoot. She was a natural and it allowed me to capture some stunning images of her and Taylor. Taylor was also a pro and was happy to try all of the poses and ideas I had, she had come prepared with a few ideas she'd like to try too, which of course we did!

The bond between Genie and Taylor was fantastic - it really shone through in every photograph. Of course, I couldn't have done it without the help from Nick my lovely assistant for the day, or Mel who'd brought along a bag full of wrappers to rustle!


We began the shoot on a lovely summers afternoon. The yard had some lovely open fields to use as backdrops. As well as some cross country jumps out that we were able to use in the photographs.

The entrance to the stables was a lovely, big, open barn. This was perfect for my black background images! Taylor changed from her top and leggings in to her show jacket and white johdpurs. We worked through a variety of different positions in the entrance way to the barn to give the impression of studio shot images - my favourite!

The sun was slowly beginning to set and we headed in to the woods and fields, which allowed me to get some beautiful back lit images in the field.

Taylor and Genie were great to work with, even with her broken toes! On this particular shoot, by total accident I maanged to take my *favourite ever* photograph! Genie was turning round to nibble Taylor's feet. Taylor had lent forward to hug Genie. This all happened in an entrance way to the woods. The dark background and perfect position of the sun (complete fluke - I hadn't even reaslied I'd got this image till I got home!) made a lovely image but it wasn't quite "wow" enough.. I played around with this image because I loved the composition and idea so much. I was so so so pleased with the outcome!

Thank you Mel for organising the shoot and I'm glad you are so pleased with your images!

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