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Terms and Conditions

By financially securing your deposit you accept these terms of contract.

Each client is important to me and the terms of contract are to safeguard the client’s interests and the photographer.

Once the Client has made a booking for a portrait, Daydream Equine Art and Photography will not accept any other work from other clients for those times and dates, as agreed.

1) All content is retained as full and complete title by Daydream Equine Art and Photography. Redistribution, resale or alteration of said content is prohibited worldwide. Submitted material is taken as permission to be used by Daydream Equine Art and Photography.

2)  Rose Lewis of Daydream Equine Art and Photography asserts both a moral right to be identified as the author of her work and the right to a credit is asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.



The client(s) hereby allows Daydream Equine Art and Photography to display any artwork covered by this contract and to generally promote the business in advertising, brochures, magazine articles, websites, sample albums etc. Portraits from private commissions will NOT be sold on to other companies or prints created without your permission, they will only be use to advertise and promote the work of Daydream Equine Art and Photography. Updates/final scans of artwork will not be shared on Social Media if the portrait is a gift, until it is received.

3) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, if any picture reproduced by the Client omits the copyright notice or credit line specified by Daydream Equine Art and Photography A fee will become payable by the Client and shall be notified accordingly.

4)  Daydream Equine Art and Photography reserves the right to refuse to supply or grant a reproduction licence to a third party when requested to do so by the Client.

5) This Agreement shall be subject to and constructed according to English Law and the parties agree to accept the exclusive direction of the Courts of England.

6) No variation of terms and conditions set out herein shall be effective unless agreed in writing by both parties.

7) Deposits secure your booking. Deposits are non-refundable once the initial outline sketch is sent to you. Deposit amount will be deducted from the total portrait price.

8) The amount quoted at the time of the deposit being paid will be honoured, despite any price increases between the time of booking and completion of the portrait.

9) The client takes responsibility for any charges relevant to purchasing the reference photograph from any photograph. The client must provide permission from the photographer, if they do not own it themselves. Written permission from a photographer may be sought before the photograph may be used strictly for reference only.

10) Final payment for the drawing is to be made upon receiving the final scan/drawing of the drawing. Full payment must be received within 14 days of the scan being sent unless agreed prior to the deposit being paid.

11) Daydream Equine Art and Photography reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions above.


Force Majeure:

Daydream Equine Art and Photography will endeavour to put the client(s) in touch with another artist in the event they are unable to attend the booking and an alternative date cannot be agreed when due to any cause beyond their reasonable control e.g. sudden illness, injury, victim of crime, flooding etc. As much notice as possible will be given by Daydream Equine and Photography to ensure the client is inconvenienced as little as possible.

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