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Suzie and Wolfie



Meet Suzie and her dressage horse, Wolfie. Suzie owns and manages Waterfields, a livery yard just outside of Reading. She was lucky enough to be given a voucher by one of her grooms, Amy. Her dog Bonnie, also joined us on the shoot!




We began the shoot with Wolfie, and headed down to the driveway. The overhanging trees created such a lovely backdrop. Sadly, Wolfie has had an illness recently that has left the vets a bit puzzled. He's already looking and feeling much better so hopefully he's back out competing soon! 




Joe, Suzie's retired boy also made an appearance for the shoot. After some black background shots in the barn, we got both boys together in one of the paddocks.




On the lawn there was a small pond, just in front of the house. It made for a wonderful background, with the dappled light reflecting across the water. Both horses stood there, ears pricked forward whilst I snapped away. 




Suzie's Mum and Dad came out to join us for part of the shoot, along with their dog Perdy. The dogs sat togther under the trees whilst the girls danced behind me with various packets and treats to keep their attention.  



Thank you so much for having me - it was so lovely to meet you all. I hope you love the images!




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