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Teddy The Shetland

Legends come in all shapes and sizes – Meet Teddy, a 4 year old miniature Shetland pony. The international heartbreaker has 129,000 followers around the world! (Instagram)

“I got him when he was 5 months old and he was so small that you could pick him up! He originally came to us as a companion for my young eventers and we had no idea how special he would be.”

His good looks have earnt him some rather amazing modelling experiences, including: a 14 page fashion shoot for Town and Country magazine modelling Dior, he’s worked with Amazon, Hovis, Paramount Pictures, West Elm, Puffin Books and The Jockey Club. He’s a well-travelled chap too, attending many major events across the UK, including the Chelsea Flower Show, Royal Windsor Horse Show and Olympia! But don’t worry, the stardom hasn’t gone to his head – he’s a perfect gentleman to everyone that he meets.

So, where did the idea for Teddy’s social media accounts come from? Well, his account was started the Christmas after he became part of the Goring family. They were sitting with their younger cousins who had an Instagram page for their guinea pigs and after deciding that Ted was pretty cute (Understatement!) they set an account up for him too – and the rest is history as they say! People often ask if they bought Teddy specifically for social media fame but he was just meant to be a pet!

They had no idea that he’d become such a hit – within a few weeks his pictures and videos had been shared globally and featured on BuzzFeed, LadBible and on the mainstream media channels!

Teddy’s Instagram posts are “voiced” by Alice’s sister, Molly, they share his daily antics, which usually involve food or posing in his vast collection of rugs and outfits! He bursts with personality and I’m sure he doesn’t really know he’s a pony! Teddy has so much personality in that little body of his. Fans travel to his meet and greets across the UK and he loves to pose for a selfie and cuddle! He’s even been taught to lay down on command.

Teddy spends his day out in the field with his equine friends, but before every appearance to his adoring fans, he has a bath and loves the hairdryer whistling through his floofy coat! (And there is a lot of floof there!) He really does live the life of luxury at home with Alice and her family!

Earlier on this year Teddy got to meet another global superstar, Valegro! The two of them were introduced, Valegro was so gentle with Teddy and they were soon sharing the same blade of grass as each other whilst appearing on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, live from Royal Windsor Horse Show. The pair were reunited at Your Horse Live this year too as they met their fans in the main arena. Teddy was seen trotting behind as Charlotte led him off the back of Valegro around the showground!

When he’s not starring in the latest advert campaigns, or breaking hearts across the globe, he has a very important job indeed – bringing smiles and spreading joy: Teddy is a therapy pony and visits Shooting Star Chase Hospice and volunteers with the RDA. He regularly attends events and fundraisers for the amazing Willberry Wonder Pony charity, set up by the eventer Hannah Francis. Hannah’s Shetland, Doris, is Teddy’s girlfriend and the pair have a vital job raising awareness of such a worth cause, a cause very close to Alice’s heart.


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