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American Pie

Arriving on a boat from Ireland, not in the best condition, Daisy met "the coloured pony" who was so scared no-one could catch him. Daisy named him Pie, after the horse in National Velvet and told her aunt, Kelly Marks, about him. He was bought and arrived as a surprise for Daisy's fifteenth birthday. It was not plain sailing as Pie was overwhelmed by fear, bucked (a lot) and after falling off 6 times in one lesson, Daisy had to say he was beyond her abilities. Kelly considered selling him but decided to take him home, take the pressure off and see what would happen. A year later, Kelly bought her pet pony along to a show to walk around and Daisy had a little sit on again. From there, with a lot of hard work, the partnership went from strength to strength.

Pie has won working hunter pony classes across the country including Royal Windsor Horse Show and Kent County, qualified for RIHS and HOYS on multiple occasions, won the Desert Orchid final (the biggest worker course of the year) and Rider of the Year Championship for two years. He won the celebrity Trec competition at Royal Windsor, went to the National Theatre and appeared at Olympia with War Horse. He has done side saddle, show jumping, hunter trials, horse agility and now veteran classes. He has been a mascot for an underprivileged school, been on tour with Monty Roberts, appeared on Intelligent Horsemanship courses, featured in articles worldwide, is the cover star of three of Kelly's top selling equestrian books and his story will soon be a children's book written by Daisy.

Now aged 24, Kelly and Daisy would not be without "the coloured pony" who changed their lives for the better.

Pie is quite the star! I first learnt about Pie when I was given a copy of Kelly’s book, Perfect Manners. Pie features on the front cover and was often talked about in the Intelligent Horsemanship Magazines. When I was younger I loved finding new things to do with Dolly. We couldn’t always ride, but I loved the various ground work exercises you could do with your pony, not only to teach them something new, but to enhance your relationship. I was fascinated then and I still am, with body language and herd behaviour. These books detailed and explained the traits shown and showed you how you could understand your horse better by looking at their body language and expressions. That’s still so important to me today as I work with those characteristics to make the horse and owner look relaxed in their portraits and show off their relationship. Pie of course, was an absolute star for his shoot – he’d been prepped and scrubbed for his photoshoot by Daisy and Kelly. He was very food orientated which made my life much easier. Pie has just enjoyed a little party at Royal Windsor Horse Show where he certainly didn’t act his age in the veterans class and “bounced like Tigger” all the way around the ring!

I hadn’t actually realised that Pie is infact quite small, when I was younger I definitely had imagined him to be much bigger, 16hh atleast!


Daydream Equine Art and Photography - 2020                                     Berkshire Equine Photographer and Artist

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