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Georgia and Herbie

Meet Georgia and her very very handsome Welsh Section D, Herbie! So, the day of the shoot is Georgia's 15th birthday! As one of her birthday treats, her parents organised a photoshoot with her pony, who she's owned for just over a year.

After zig-zagging across Wokingham trying to avoid all the traffic, I eventually arrived. My sat-nav was screaming at me that I was going the wrong way as I followed all of the diversions. I had great fun sitting in traffic near the one way system as one of the temporary traffic lights got stuck on red and no one was quite sure what to do! With that fiasco over, I arrived at the yard, where Georgia and her mum Yvonne were inside the barn with Herbie. He has the most amazing white splash markings!

Georgia proceeded to show me around the livery yard where they keep Herbie, she told me about the rest of the plans for her birthday that included a trip out for dinner with her friends! She was wearing a rather lovely pair of denim jodhpurs, which had been saved especially for her birthday shoot! Together the pair of them enjoy a little bit of everything, and Herbie loves his dressage and jumping especially!

We began the shoot in one of the fields with a lovely large tree in the middle. Herbie posed beautifully, as did Georgia, following all my instructions perfectly. They were so lovely to be around, it was great to hear all about their adventures together and we enjoyed chatting away during the shoot. Georgia then hopped on board Herbie - we had to keep wiping lots of dribble away from his mouth and the poor purple octopus definitely needed a wash afterwards!

It was time for a change of scenery, Georgia planned to stay in the same outfit for the shoot. We ventured down to part of the yard that Herbie hadn't been to before, it unsettled him slightly so we made a slight change of plan and headed on to the driveway where he was much happier. The pair of them were very photogenic together and their relationship came across so well in the photographs!

Before the shoot finished up, we headed back towards the barn for some black background shots. Georgia also had a shot in mind of her eye close up to Herbie's! Before we knew it, the shoot was over - I thoughly enjoyed my morning with Georgia and Herbie. She had lots to look forward to for the rest of her birthday, but I couldn't think of a more perfect start to the day, followed by dinner with friends in the evening!

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