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Louisa and Cameo

Meet Louisa and her 12 year old Welsh Section D mare, Cameo. Cameo is her first pony - I met Louisa, along with her Mum, Catherine on a warm spring morning. Louisa was keen for there to be bluebells in the shoot, so we managed to fit something in before they disappeared. We were super lucky too that the yard is opposite a rapeseed field which added a vibrant burst of yellow in to the images!

We began the shoot at the yard, making use of the lane dividing between the fields. Louisa was wearing her competition gear. The previous day they'd been off to a local arena-eventing event and it had gone really well! It was an action packed weekend for the three of them, the following day Catherine had planned a little ride out in the morning on Cameo before they headed up the road to Hall Place for another show!

Cameo was a superstar throughout - after a quick outfit change, Louisa popped her hi-viz jacket on and we followed them both on foot up to the woods. Stopping on the way for some shots in the rapeseed of course!

Once in the woods we scrambled through some overgrown pathways to find out perfect spot! We found an area that even had a log for Louisa to sit on! Poor Catherine was juggling hats, a saddle and a bag full of outfits and brushes - as well as multitasking waving anything we could find on the floor to get Cameo's attention!

Louisa's bond with Cameo was evident for everyone to see. They were so sweet together and she's clearly adored by the whole family! It was just starting to drizzle with rain, luckily we weren't too far away from the yard - we scooped everything back up and headed back to the yard for a final outfit change and of course, some black background shots!

It was so lovely chatting away to Louisa and Cameo and learning all about her cheeky personality! Louisa changed in to shorts and a crop-top before climbing back on board, this time bareback! There was a little patch of grass for them to have a good canter along. Typically, just as Louisa had put her shorts on, it began to rain a little more! That's what happens on an English Bank Holiday weekend though, isn't it?!

Thank you so much for having me Louisa and Catherine - it was an absolute pleasure to meet you all!

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