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Slug, Maggot & Pellet

Helen was lucky enough to recieve a voucher from her friend Fran for Christmas, to have her three beautiful gundogs photographed. So, meet the boys:

This is Slug, the oldest of the "pack" - and yes, they do all have slightly different names! I did laugh when Helen told me their names, I had to check if they were their actual names, or whether they were just nicknames - nope, it's their real names! Slug was called that as when he was born, he looked like a tiny, wet black slug!

Then the youngest of the three labradors is Pellet at just over a year old. Helen wanted a name that was unusual, but also trying to stick along the theme of the other dogs names - a friend suggested Pellet! Not only does it fit along with 'slug-pellet' but also pellets are synonomous with shooting, and he's a working gundog!

And finally we have Maggot in the middle! Helen said that her friend had a dog called Maggot and she strangely loved the name and thought it was very fitting, to go along with Slug!

The boys were so attentive and obedient, it made my job a breeze! They would sit and wait, be called one by one by their name and have their eyes firmly fixed on Helen. All three were super handsome and I think loved posing!

Sheepdrove Eco Farm near Lambourn provided us with the most amazing backdrops. The bluebells were slightly later on the farm than everywhere else - they were still rich in colour for the shoot, which was one of the main reasons that Helen had booked the shoot for this time of the year.

A little walk further down through the fields and woodlands, which Helen and the boys are lucky to have access too right on their doorstep, took us to a picturesque lake with a jetty. Pellet provided us with some perfect action shot moments as he went launching off the jetty - Helen and I were both soaked by the end of the shoot! With the sheep and lambs overlooking the lake - there was a beautiful tranquility all around.

After the boys had all had a little swim in the lake, we made our way back up towards the car, stopping on the way to get the boys sat on a sitting stone. The view from the stone looked right across the lake and the pastureland - as we looked up, we realised that the sheep were all lined up along the fence watching us! Having such obedient dogs was a complete dream, allowing us to make the most of the wonderful setting and capturing how handsome the boys really are - thank you Helen!

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