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Melissa's Pet Shoot!

Meet Melissa and her array of pets! Melissa's 18th birthday was approaching and her mum, Katy thought that a shoot with her beloved animals was the perfect choice! I haven't ever been asked to photograph small animals before so it was a challenge to look forward too! It was evident how much Melissa loves all animals - she's currently studying at BCA with the hope of becoming a Vet Nurse in the future.

There were two rabbits: Dinky and Dopey. Dopey is the tan coloured and Dinky is the very pretty albino. The biggest challenge throughout was getting the rabbits to stay still long enough in the same place! They definately had other ideas and did what they could to avoid having their photo taken! It was definately a feat to get both rabbits together at the same time bit we all found it very entertaining! As soon as you had one rabbit on the lawn, you'd blink and the other would be hopping away at great speed and shorty be hidden behind a pot!

Darcy is a beautiful one year old spaniel - which was Melissa's birthday present last year! Katy said she was adament they weren't getting another dog, atleast not for a while after their other dog sadly passed away - and then she laughed, saying before she knew it, they were driving back home with Darcy! She was very photogenic and perfectly behaved sitting with the rabbits.

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