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Paige and Eric

Meet Paige and her very sweet horse, Eric! They enjoy most activities together, including eventing! After seeing several of her friends shoots that I'd done, Paige was keen to book her own!

"I was given some money for my birthday to spend on something I wouldn't normally spend my own money on. Clothes and equine products seem to be a necessity these days however a photo shoot with Eric will be much more of a treat!"

Paige decided she'd like to take Eric somewhere different, other than their yard for the shoot. So, with permission, they travelled him up to Hillfields in Basildon for their shoot! I'm really glad that they chose Hillfields as there are some really lovely locations there. They fit in very well with the outfits Paige had in mind too!

Her first outfit was a lovely white, simple summer dress. The muted tones looked really pretty against the colours of the surroundings. I also really like Paige's hair-do and made sure it was shown off throughout! Eric looked very smart all plaited up - he took everything in his stride!

The pair of them were so easy to work with - Tracey, Paige's mum was on standby to help with outfit changes, pony holding and bucket shaking! Paige was very easy to pose and best of all, was very natural and relaxed in front of the camera!

Our first location was in the orchard - the long walk way provided us with so many options. Every yard I go to needs to have an orchard! The tunnel of trees were beautiful! Paige told me that Eric was a real poser, he was loving it! He brings so much happiness to Tracey and Paige, it was really imporant to capture the realtionship between them and the connection they have.

Paige had a quick outfit change in to a lovely, slightly more formal dress, but equallly as nice. We headed off in to the woods - we found a log to sit on as well as some lovely openings amongst the trees and between fields.

Before getting changed, we headed to the indoor school for some black background photographs! Paige then fancied jumping on Eric and wanted to have a little wander around the fields. She thought the first white dress she had one would be best - I'm sure you'll agree the results are magical!

Thank you so much Paige, it was lovely to meet you all! I hope you're pleased with the shots!

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