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Laura, Gareth and Bess

Meet Laura, her husband Gareth and horse Bess! Laura and Gareth were recently married, in Somerset this summer. However, Laura really wanted some photographs of her in her wedding dress with Bess before it was sent for cleaning.

A friend recommended me to Laura - I was really looking forward to the shoot as it's something a bit different to the norm! Upon arrival, the grooms for the day were stood waiting with Bess all plaited up. Laura and Gareth were all dressed - I had no problem working out who I was meeting, you kind of stand out in a wedding dress on the yard!

We headed down in to one of the fields to begin with. The team were there to make sure Laura's dress was all laid out whilst Bess was positioned. Laura had also brought along a few momentos from the wedding, including a decorated lucky shoe.

We made use of the wooden trailer in the field too - poor Gareth was waiting for a knee operation so was a little limited to what he could do. Someone even suggested we wheeled him around in a wheelbarrow! There were a few particular shots that Laura had in mind, including crouching down in the flowers with Bess looking down at her.

Gareth isn't particularly keen on horses, although he did get in relatively close for a few shots - with a bit of persuassion!

After a while, we headed down to a church that was a short walk from the village. It wasn't the church they got married in but it provided us with a lovely alternative location for the next set of photographs. I walked down the fields with Bess and Laura's team of helpers - Laura and Gareth hopped in the car and met us there, as it might have been quite challenging Laura to follow us in her dress - and keep it clean!

Bess had been a star, but was starting get a bit fidgety - we managed to hide someone behind Laura just to keep ahold of Bess for the photographs outside the church. And just before we all had to run and take shelter from a sharp shower, we got the girls to throw some confetti towards the camera.

There were a few passers by who did double take, seeing a horse outside the church, a bride and groom and a load of "guests" dressed in their yard clothes! Just before we finished up, we were able to take a few more shots back at the yard, making the most of a lovely old barn entrance way.

Thank you everyone who helped Laura and Gareth out on the day, and of course to Laura for organising everything in the first place. I really love doing something slightly different!

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