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Albie and Basil

Meet 5 year old Albie and his super handsome Shetland pony, Basil! Kate, Albie's mum keeps her youngster at the yard Dolly is at. In the evenings I can often be found with Albie, brushing Dolly or going for walks. Over the summer, Albie really wanted Dolly to meet Basil, so Kate brought him down and we went for a walk and a splash about in the stream. He loves her and always jumps at the chance to fill haynets, or better still - help me muck out!

I was really looking forward to photographing Basil - he's such a brilliant pony and him and Albie get along so well together. Dressed in his waistcoat and bow-tie, Albie was really looking forward to showing Basil off!

We headed down the lane and made use of the fields during the shoot. Their gorgeous French Bulldog puppy, Wilma also made an appearance in some of the shots! It was a challenge getting everyone looking the right way, smiling and not eating grass - there were some cracking out take shots of Kate diving in and out of the photo, rescuing the puppy and getting Basil up!

Everyone was starting to get a little distracted and tired after around an hour or so, plus a small incident involving Kate and an angry wasp! So, to finish up we got some black background photographs of Kate's mare, Shawnee and of course Basil!

Thank you Kate for organizing the shoot, it was loads of fun and I think the pictures are adorable! What a cute pair!

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