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Powerboost Waffles!

I'm on my feet most of the day, often starting early and finishing late, and as you've probably seen on my Facebook page: I LOVE WAFFLES AND NUTELLA. So, when Suzanne sent me some products to photograph for her business, I was quite excited she sent me some Powerboost to try after I'd photographed the products and packaging!

Pure Nourish Power Boost is your must-have for those days when nerves get the better of your appetite. It is a quick, convenient energy source with amino acids to support optimal athletic performance and recovery. Power Boost is a delicious blend of cocoa, coconut oil for energy and three branch chain amino acids for optimal muscle recovery and to support mental alertness! It's an easy formula - add one scoop of power boost to 8oz of water, shake and enjoy!

This afternoon, I thought I'd make some waffles, and after discussing with Suzanne on how I could en-corperate thePowerboost, I thought some of you might want to see the recipie too!

I'm not a fan of milkshakes or juices so we needed another plan! I have been put off in the past by powders, but the Powerboost really did just taste like chocolate - I had a little taste off the spoon!

The waffles ended up having a lovely chocolatey taste to them, which meant I didn't add as much Nutella as normal. I chose to add strawberries this time, although perhaps you may not want to add any fruit. Bananas, berries, jam or even peanut butter make great toppings too.

Here's my recipe, it makes 2 waffles on my maker, roughly a dinner plate size each:

You'll need:

*Waffle Maker

*Measuring Jug

*Measuring Spoons

*Weighing Scales



*1 Medium Egg

*Oil (I use olive, but sunflower or vegtable oil would work too!)

*An optional pinch of salt

*2 Tbsp of sugar (although I do use a bit less as the fruit on top is quite sweet!)

*70grams of plain flour

*1/4 tsp baking powder

*1/4 pint of milk

*1 scoop of Powerboost

*Fruit/Nutella or other toppings


1. Allow the waffle maker/press to warm up, following the instruction manual

2. Sieve the flour in to the measuring jug

3. Add the rest of the dry ingredients and give a quick stir

4. Add the wet ingredients, adding more milk as required. The batter will be like that of a cake mixture - runny but with some thickness. Adding more liquid will spread the batter further.

5. Split the mixture evenly for each waffle, ensuring the whole plate is filled with batter. I sometimes leave the lid off the maker just to allow the bottom of the batter to begin cooking, so it doesn't spill over the edge if the batter is particularly runny!

6. Allow to cook for 2-5 minutes, depeinding on the waffle maker's instruction guide.

7. Remove the waffle from the maker and allow it to cool, whilst adding your toppings!

If you'd like more information or to see the rest of the product range that Suzanne from Health, Happiness and Horses offers, please head to her website:

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